Fornebuporten in Norway

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The newly built business park Fornebuporten near Oslo, currently one of Norway's biggest onshore development projects, is using a staggering 250 pieces of PSW250 operators in different applications throughout the buildings.

The business park, which houses offices, shops, restaurants and recreation facilities consists of three different buildings. The first area was opened in 2015 with the others following in 2016.
The project and installation is planned and executed by EMs Norwegian partner Lås & Sikkring.

70 mm Height a Must

Many doors throughout the buildings required a very slim operator as often the maximum space available was not more than 75 mm as seen on the picture above.
The PSW250 with its slim design and height of only 70 mm can still be installed in such difficult installation environments.
The easy installation both mechanically and electrically was also much appreciated in this project.

Many Different Applications

One of the many selling points for the PSW250 for this project was the operators installation flexibility and wide range of possibilities. Throughout the building many different doors in terms of height, width and weight needed to be automated. The PSW250 was not only strong enough to be able to fulfill any possible requirements but also has "all inclusive" when it comes to different operating options such as Push & Go or Servo-assist.