Military Hospital "Gomez Ulla" in Madrid

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The military hospital "Gomez Ulla" located in Madrid Spain has been the place of a prestigious installation of 54 pieces of the new PSW250 Swingdoor Operator from EM Entrematic.
A total of 54 PSW250 Operators have been installed in the recently opened Isolation unit of the hospital by EM partners Glassmatic / S.I.A.C.

The section of the hospital is dedicated to patients that could catch any rare pathogen abroad, bacteriological threats, emerging diseases or highly contagious respiratory infections.
The facility puts Spain at the forefront of Europe in the management and treatment of these diseases, as highlighted by the Deputy Prime Minister, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, who inaugurated the 22th floor, along with the ministers of Health, Alfonso Alonso, and Defense Pedro Morenés.

Option to Interlock

The PSW250 was chosen amongst other things because of its slim design of only 70 mm and the possibility of interlocking and remote controlling the doors which was a must in the highly contarmination controlled environment.

Single and Double Door Applications

The covers of the operators were specially coated with painting resistant to peroxid oxigen. Next to single doors also double doors were automated using coordination units and full covers.