Ditec PAM16

Ditec PAM16
Ditec PAM16
Ditec PAM16
Ditec PAM16
Ditec PAM16
Ditec PAM16

The PAM16 series is a system of aluminium profiles reduced in size and weight but at the same time sturdy and reliable. The system has been specifically designed for automatic 1 wing, 2 wings or telescopic sliding doors.

Distinctive features of the system

PAM16, designed to be compatible with current and future automations, consists of a set of very thin, 16 mm thick profiles.Able to hold up to 11 mm thick glass panels, it is available from stock in the mill finish or anodised aluminium (EURAS C0) version.


The benefits ensured are listed below:  

  • the wings can be made up in the workshop, with major time savings and ease of operation; 
  • identical assembly screws are supplied, which ensure an easier and faster assembly operation;  
  • very easy machining, ensured by 90° cuts; 
  • no brickwork is required as the surrounding profile supports the safety photocell and ensures an easy access to the connection;   
  • the glass panels can be inserted in the profile without a seal but by simply using silicone;  
  • air tightness is ensured by a special central double slot-in seal between the wings; 
  • featuring practically all slot-in components, the system is very easy to assemble.

Aesthetically pleasing

This is a very aesthetically valuable product, consisting of well matched and smooth looking components, which allows a wider glazing surface to be achieved, for better visibility.


PAM16 is supplied with all the required manuals to make up the door frames, i.e.: system configuration charts, reference code lists, component sections and types with cutting lists; processing, drilling and assembly tables.


PAM16 cannot be used with anti-panic breakout systems. 

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