Control software and hardware keys

The DMCS software-management system is the ideal tool for installers who are looking for the utmost in professionalism for their work.
With DMCS, the installer can more precisely and completely control the operating parameters of automatic doors, guaranteeing perfect monitoring of the system and offering better management throughout its lifespan, thanks to regular and effective maintenance.
DMCS is the perfect tool for specialists who want to completely understand and manage installations and their work.

DMCS software has the following characteristics:

  • changing operating parameters from the PC instead of from trimmer and dip-switch
  • details of control panel status
  • updating of on-board program to always obtain the best performance (troubleshooting/adding new functions)
  • “console” door control and sending of opening/closing controls
  • entering of password to make “installer” functions inaccessible and restrict program use to “console” control function
  • offer 5 standard languages with option, on request, of customers directly adding other languages of their choice.

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