Digital, rotary and radio controlled programmers

They are the electronic mechanical and analogue program selectors designed to select and set desired operation modes for one or more automatic doors.
Suitable both for sliding and swing doors by simply replacing the frontal keypad, which is usually supplied with the product.
Recognition of the type of automation it is connected to is completely automatic.

COME - Digital programmers
COME is the electronic digital switch for setting the operating modes of the type EL16 electronic panel.
It consists of a unit featuring a micro-controller, with front keyboard and indicator LEDs.
It is designed for fitting to a wall, on flat surfaces or recessed, and its size is compatible with the square
standard for switches and power sockets.

Operating options

  • COME is able to set up to 4 doors in the same mode; 
  • two COME devices can be connected on the same automation;
  • the COMEL device is available: a practical and useful accessory for key locking the COM E programmer, coordinated in the same finish.

COMH and COMK - Rotary programmers
They are the function programmers for setting the various operating modes of automatic doors. Available in two versions, with handle operation (COM H) or key operation (COM K). Both versions feature double interchangeable front, for sliding or swing doors.
The control piece is a 6-position rotary electro-mechanical switch. The units can also be fitted to the wall, on flat surfaces.

Rotary programmers for setting the operating modes of the automatic pedestrian swing doors activated through the Ditec DAB105 or Ditec DAB205 operating device.

They are composed of a sturdy plastic container for outside assembly or flush mounted with four position rotary selector inserted which can be operated by knob (Entrematic COM400MHB) or key (Entrematic COM400MKB)

The selectors are supplied with the symbols of the following supported functions screen printed:

  • bidirectional opening
  • closed door
  • open door
  • total monodirectional opening.

Selector for locking the Entrematic COMEL programmer
Practical key control selector for the activation / deactivation of the Entrematic COME programmers limiting their use to authorised personnel with key only.

It is composed of a sturdy plastic container for outside assembly or flush mounted and contains a European type cylinder lock.

COMG and COMGC - Wireless function selectors
Digital programmers for setting the operating modes of the Ditec Valor, Ditec RexS, Ditec Olly C and Ditec Civik automatic pedestrian doors.

They do not require wiring and the function selected is transmitted to the electronic control board of the operating device by a radio signal at 433.92 Mhz frequency.

They are powered by a 3 Volt lithium battery and are supplied complete with radio receiver card to be installed inside the operating device, connecting it directly to the electronic panel or connecting it through the board-holding base.

The supply includes a display for showing the function selected.

Extremely versatile, it can be placed up to a maximum of 20 m from the electronic panel of the operating device.

The symbols of the following supported functions are screen-printed onto the faceplate.

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