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Entrematic ZEN
Entrematic ZEN
Entrematic ZEN
Entrematic ZEN
Entrematic ZEN
Entrematic ZEN
Entrematic ZEN
Entrematic ZEN


Entrematic ZEN is the new line of 2 channel and 4 channel remote controls.
The transmitters are available in various colours and in two operating frequencies, 433.92 MHz or 868.35 MHz.
Each transmitter is ready to transmit using various protocols: Entrematic rolling code, fixed code, Dip Switch, and the new AES 128-bit Encrypted mode and Protected mode protocols. Guaranteed compatibility with existing Ditec Entrematic receivers and installations.
The remote control can be configured in standard mode either by means of acquisition from the receiver or by cloning pre-programmed transmitter, but further additional functionality is available thanks to the ZENPAD programming unit and the ZEN MANAGER software.

Maximum protection

The transmitters are ready to transmit an AES 128-bit encrypted signal that is suitable for safety applications, making it impossible to clone

Technical features

  • Radio transmitters with 2 channels or 4 channels
  • Different colors: Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
  • Versions with 433.92 MHz or 868.35 MHz frequency
  • Rolling code with over 4 billion combinations
  • Fixed code versions compatible with MM53200 protocol and other remote controls with dip switches

- ZENSW: wall bracket for ZEN transmitters

- ZENSC: car clip for ZEN transmitters

BIXMR: push-in type memory module, rolling code, for BIXLR42 receiver
Entrematic ZEN accessories BIXMR
CONT1: card-holding base with casing for inside/outside fitting for 1 BIX receiver or other peripherals
GOL148REA: external aerial 433 and 868 MHz. See the manual  
CARG58100: 100 m RG58 cabling for the aerial  Entrematic ZEN accessories CARG58100

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