Push-buttons and devices

They make it possible to open the door or the frame with a slight pressure or by proximity of the hand.

They are available in medium and large sizes, in plastic or stainless steel, and are used particularly in hospital environments as they can be operated by elbow or used by disabled individuals, operating the door simply by pressing them.
Thanks to the wall and recessed versions, they are adaptable to any type of environment.

No-touch button

The door is operated by passing the hand over the device, without exercising any pressure: the lack of contact makes it possible to maintain a higher level of hygiene.

Handicapped users

Perfectly meet the comfort and accessibility needs of more “vulnerable” categories.

BIXR2: two-channel receiver, 12-24 V DC, can store up to 200 codes and can be plugged into the control panel or card-holding base.
Supplied complete with removable BIXMR2 memory module
BIXLR42: four-channel receiver. 12-24 V DC, up to 1000 codes stored,operation of the exits can be configured through dip-switch
(3 impulsive/step-step exits + 1 impulsive/timed exit).
Supplied complete with memory module and BIXMR type adapter
ZEN4: 4-function transmitter. Color: black  
CONT1: board-holding base with enclosure for fitting inside or outside  

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