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Ditec Cubic
Ditec Cubic
Ditec Cubic
Ditec Cubic
Ditec Cubic
Ditec Cubic
Ditec Cubic
Ditec Cubic
Ditec Cubic
Ditec Cubic


Concealed from sight, it's the ideal automation system for gates where aesthetic appeal and style are important factors.

The range includes 230 V AC and 24 V DC versions. The 24 V DC models allow partial opening, speed regulation, soft start and soft stop. A fast model is available which opens in 6 seconds (to 90°) for pedestrian access up to 1.5 m. Mechanical limit switches supplied as standard, magnetic as optional. Various types of lever systems for opening up to 180° are available.

Concealed, sturdy and versatile

Practical and simple to operate, the automation consists of a stainless steel or electrically galvanised steel foundation casing fitted below the ground, where the geared motor and all mechanical linkages which operate the gate leaves are housed.

This highly versatile solution which can be customised to individual requirements:  

  • allows the gate to be opened at a very wide angle, up to 180°;  
  • combined with Ditec electrical control panels, the automation allows the motor to successfully overcome any initial friction caused by bad weather conditions such as ice;  
  • can also be used in applications requiring fast access.

Distinctive features

  • the gear motors are housed in a sturdy stainless steel or electrically galvanised steel foundation casing to increase resistance to weathering; the automation is fixed by means of stainless steel screws pre-built in the foundation casing 
  • in the 110° angle version, rotation is done by a lever system, whilst in the 180° angle version rotation is done by a chain 
  • CE mark
  • aesthetically pleasing release system with key and lever which may be operated from both sides  
  • works even at low temperatures  
  • motor protected by an internal temperature probe
  • supplied with all security, control and monitoring accessories 
  • wing support system on hardened steel ball.
Typical installation
The automation system can be completed with Ditec command, control and safety devices


Ditec Cubic - Typical installation


Ditec Cubic accessories are easy to choose:

CUBIC6SBL: lever operated release system. See the manual

CUBIC6SBL - Ditec Cubic accessories 
CUBIC6SBD1: DIN key-operated release system. See the manual CUBIC6SBD1- Ditec Cubic accessories

CUBIC6FM: magnetic mechanical stops. See the manual

CUBIC6FM - Ditec Cubic accessories 


For other generic accessories please consult the dedicated section.

Control panels

Radio systems



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