Entrematic ZEN Pad

Entrematic ZEN Pad
Entrematic ZEN Pad
Entrematic ZEN Pad
Entrematic ZEN Pad

Entrematic ZEN Pad is a USB programming unit which, thanks to the ZEN Manager dedicated software, can be used to configure Entrematic ZEN transmitters and memory modules for BIXMR/BIXMR2 radio controls simply using a PC.

ZEN Manager is a complete software that enables installation management at three levels:

Transmitter menu:
In the appropriate section it is possible to manage all the functions associated with transmitters and radio control devices

  • display the factory model and code
  • read the configuration
  • new configuration
  • restore the factory configuration
  • configure a multi-protocol remote control: each key can be configured independently using a different language (fixed code, rolling code, encrypted AES 128-bit, protected mode)

Transmitter (BIXMR / BIXMR2) memory module menu:
The following operations can be carried out for each memory module:

  • check the list of authorisations of associated transmitters
  • read the data and list of the transmitters with the possibility to add a new transmitter, change the channel configuration, transfer the list to an archive or a memory module
  • backup and create a database of remote control units on a PC
  • write a new list of remote controls into a memory module
  • reset
  • possibility to organize memory modules by installation to which they belong 

Installation menu
Total management of each installation:

  • installation information: date of installation, description, location, etc.
  • display of plants on an interactive map
  • registration of maintenance interventions on the plant
  • possibility to generate a report in .csv format, that can be imported into excel

Protected mode, for business protection

Thanks to the ZEN Pad programming unit it is possible to assign a unique installation code to a memory module that will be associated with all the remote control units that belong to such module (protected mode).
In this way it is possible to create transmitters that are already programmed and ready for use that will be added, or that will replace, or cancel, existing transmitters.

Typical installation
Entrematic ZEN Pad system architecture


Entrematic ZENPAD - System architecture

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