The elegance of a Ditec automatic sliding door in the centre of Limone sul Garda

The Ditec Valor T automatic telescopic sliding door with Ditec PAM30 1+1 door frame opens as people walk through and then closes again immediately: as such, it is ideal for intensive and continuous use, as well as being reliable, safe and silent, but above all, it is characterised by a wide opening, courtesy of the telescopic solution featured.

In addition to offering enchanting, magnificent views over the lake, the town of Limone sul Garda is a widely-known and much-loved destination for tourists, many of whom are foreign, who come to stroll around these areas. In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, visitors can take advantage of the services of the Enoteca Sweet Dream, which sells everything from souvenirs to food to liqueurs.

Ditec is also present in these pleasant surroundings, with the telescopic version of the Ditec Valor sliding door automation system.  

The Ditec Valor automatic door is particularly suitable for heavy-duty use, and in air-conditioned areas it optimises energy consumption, courtesy of the self-adjusting closing time and passage opening, which varies in accordance with the flow of people passing through.

The quiet operation of the automation system further demonstrates how Ditec automatic doors can be seamlessly integrated into any context.

Like all other Ditec automation systems, it is certified according to the strict TÜV standards, which provide an additional guarantee with regard to quality control and product reliability.

The installation was carried out by EN Service, a company that specialises in Ditec automatic entrances, and the solution selected made it possible to install an automatic door without taking up excessive space and compromising the sense of comfort in the entrance itself.  

This is further proof of Ditec's ability to offer a wide range of solutions to automate any entrance in the most efficient, elegant way possible.