Even the Villa Betania Care Home in Rome has chosen Entrematic solutions!

A cutting edge building, also thanks to the Ditec Rex S and Ditec Valor telescopic sliding door automation.

The construction work for the new surgical wing of the Villa Betania Care Home in Rome, Italy, has been completed.

Entrematic has also made its own contribution to this new and important facility. Thanks to the great work carried out by our dealer GR Service Srl and Tulli Arredamenti’s technical office, which developed the project, Entrematic’s contribution includes:

The choice of this sliding door automation system, in full compliance with the strictest industry standards and certified by the prestigious German company TÜV, was dictated by the need to have an entrance solution that provides all of the most innovative safety, self-monitoring and control devices based on advanced electronics, which can also be monitored remotely thanks to the Ditec DMCS (Door Monitoring & Controlling System).

We would like to thank GR Service Srl and Tulli Arredamenti, who have made this project possible thanks to their excellent experience. A huge thank you from the Entrematic team and from all the patients at the Villa Betania Care Home!