Ditec brand automatic sliding doors in the Duka's new zero inventory factory

In the new Duka offices in Bressanone, the Ditec DAS107PLSU sliding doors with the Ditec ALU48 frame contribute to improving the industrial process of custom-made shower cubicles.

An example of art and culture in innovative construction, both for the architecture and functional space concepts and the cutting edge plant equipment in the new Duka factory, a leading company in the shower sector for the European market. With 290,000 cubic metres of production and office space, the building also places emphasis on sustainability, with a photovoltaic system that covers around 60% of the energy demand.

Specialists in the design and production of custom-made shower cubicles, Duka is a company strongly focused on the continuous improvement of its products and corporate organisation; with the new factory it has officially entered the era of smart manufacturing. Thanks also to the automatic door systems installed by Tecnolaser sas, Entrematic partner and local distributor which, with its decades of experience, has been able to offer a solution based on ease of assembly, reliability and quality, ease of use and attention to design.... just like the Duka box showers!

Thanks to the excellent work of the Tecnolaser team, the Ditec automatic entrances and frames are playing a leading role in Duka’s production processes, improving the quality of work and the performance of the workers themselves.