The Medical Park Bursa Hospital has been fitted out with Ditec sliding and swing door automation systems

Ditec DAB205 swing doors and Ditec Rex or Ditec Valor sliding doors, for a health complex in the Bursa region of Turkey.

Over 16,000 doctors and employees of the Medical Park Hospitals Group, part of the health sector since 1995, offer services in various Turkish provinces. With 29 hospitals in 17 cities, it's the biggest hospital group in Turkey.

Ensuring that all patients have access to health services in accordance with international standards based on the principle of "healthcare for everyone", regardless of their socio-economic status, Medical Park carefully monitors all the advanced technologies and therapeutic methods around the world.

To guarantee optimum hygiene in this modern, technological hospital, the decision was taken to install:

Ditec is honoured to have taken part in the establishment of this pioneering new hospital structure.