Ditec Entrematic in the Bogotá Land Rover dealership

The famous British multinational automotive company has trusted in the quality and reliability of Ditec brand automatic barriers.

One of the most important Jaguar Land Rover dealerships in Colombia has chosen to trust in the quality and security of Ditec Qik automatic barriers!

Only the best for the best... thanks to this latest project with Innomatik Innovation & Technology, Colombian distributor of Ditec brand solutions in South America.

The proposed solution for access control is the Ditec QIK7EHJ barrier. With a 5-metre-long arm, it provides a solution that is easy to install, maintain and integrate with other access control systems.

The barriers open and close only when authorised people approach, resolving access control issues.

The best of the Ditec products is on display and in operation at one of the most representative offices in Colombia for one of the most prestigious European car brands.