Ditec Sector Reset

Ditec Sector Reset
Ditec Sector Reset
Ditec Sector Reset
Ditec Sector Reset

When maximum operational efficiency is needed, together with the highest level of safety, Ditec Sector Reset is the most reliable high performance door.

General very good seal level and highest operating speed, for energy saving and a better quality of the environment.


The tightness of the seal is secured by the side zippers running into self-lubricating polyzene guides; this minimizes infiltration of air, dust and draughts.

The very high speed of Ditec Sector Reset drastically reduces the opening and closing cycle to keep constant temperatures and save energy costs.


Soft and deformable curtain and bottom edge, without any rigid element, cannot hurt people nor damage fragile goods even in case of accidental impact.

Reopening in case of obstacle detection is always secured by SLE – Safety Linear Encoder which is the most accurate and sensitive safety device (Ditec patent).


Self-reinserting function of the curtain after accidental crashes ensures continuous door operation and minimizes downtime; in case of curtain break-away caused by an accidental collision during the crossing of the door, the system automatically resets the curtain and normal operation of the high performance door.


Safety is secured in any emergency situation to allow fast evacuation; even in case of power failure the user friendly semi-automatic system connected to the counterweights guarantees the fast and safe re-opening of the door.

Another exclusive feature is the red handle available on both sides of the doorway allowing bi-directional evacuation.

It is also available with an emergency exit integrated into the flexible curtain.

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