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The perfect combination of compact and simple design is certainly the most attractive feature of Ditec Smart Plus. Particular well-suited to indoor installation, also of a significant size, it offers a wide variety of exclusive flexible curtains to satisfy any lighting or privacy requirements.


The functional free-standing metal structure features incredibly light columns with a tiny 80-mm-wide face, meaning that  Ditec Smart Plus can be adapted to even the most restricted spaces; the eye-catching design also means that it can easily be adapted to contexts with particular aesthetic requirements.

The silent gear motor is easily accessible, as is the upper cover, both also available with safety covers.


The flexible curtain is always equipped with sturdy horizontal reinforcements in steel tubing or elegant anodized aluminium profiles, allowing the following configurations:

  • complete curtain with standard window section
  • modular curtain with interchangeable sections, a Ditec original, with a complete range of customisations.

The TÜV certified self-testing safety edge is made in sturdy anodised aluminium, complete with conductive rubber seal; it features exclusive ACS - Anticrash System which consists of side runners with set breaking load, limiting damage in the event of accidental impacts.


Operating systems designed for intensive use, extremely reliable and available in both technologies:

  • 400 V three-phase power supply, single speed with standard settings
  • 230 V power supply with INVERTERmotion system to guarantee higher speeds (opening up to 1.5 m/s and closing up to 0.8 m/s); soft start/stop functions; lower impact force during closing.
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