Ditec Traffic C/CM

Ditec Traffic
Ditec Traffic
Ditec Traffic
Ditec Traffic CM

The Ditec Traffic C/CM rapid folding doors are particularly versatile and safe. They are recommended in particular for medium and large-scale applications.

Normal or extreme environment conditions are not a problem with Ditec Traffic C/CM, both inside or outside applications, always at very low maintenance level.


The galvanized self-supporting steel frame is very compact and designed as built-in; it allows installation even in limited side spaces of the doorway ensuring at the same time higher protection and very good looks.

The drive unit is integrated and protected avoiding usual bulky side motors, often directly exposed to the weather conditions.


Flexible curtain is equipped with robust horizontal reinforcements in steel or aluminum which ensure high resistance to wind load pressure.

Special modular curtain - original Ditec design for Ditec Traffic C - offers interchangeable and widest transparent sections, the most suitable for higher brightness, visibility and safety.


Very reliable operating systems, the only available in both technologies:

  • 400 V three-phase with single speed and basic settings
  • 230 V with INVERTERmotion for higher speed – opening up to 1.3 m/s and closing up to 0.8 m/s – soft start and stop, lower impact force while closing Ditec Traffic C.

The extreme simplicity and rationality of components of Ditec Traffic C/CM make sure that it will work in any condition and not requiring particular maintenance.


Safety is secured in any emergency situation to allow fast evacuation; even in case of power failure the user friendly semi-automatic system connected to the counterweights guarantees the fast and safe re-opening of the door.

Another exclusive feature is the red handle available on both sides of the doorway allowing bi-directional evacuation. 

Availability of emergency fully automatic or back-up power supply.

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