Ditec Valor

Ditec Valor
Ditec Valor
Ditec Valor
Ditec Valor
Ditec Valor
Ditec Valor
Ditec Valor
Entrematic sliding doors
Entrematic sliding doors
Entrematic sliding doors
Ditec Valor
Ditec Valor
Ditec Valor
Ditec Valor
Ditec Valor

Ditec Valor is at the very top of Entrematic's range

A highly versatile product for a complete system: from Valor L and P for the most demanding commercial needs, to Valor N for heavy duty use; telescopic Valor T for wide access gates and Valor R for safe, reliable, opening and closing along escape routes.

State of the art technology, electronic control panel with adjustments, self-regulating opening time and through passage and safety sensors incorporated in the cover make Ditec Valor a complete, reliable (tested up to 1 million cycles) and safe (TÜV approved) automation system.

Multiple operational situations

Ditec Valor sliding door is specially suitable for heavy duty, continuous use applications, such as in public areas, large shopping centres and airports, where the high traffic requires a more demanding operation compared to other locations.

Self-adjustment of the door opening

In high pedestrian traffic areas, Ditec Valor increases the automatic opening time, whilst the transit opening can be partly opened if the number of people going through the door is not very high.

Designed to offer a versatile and comprehensive product, it features a range of exclusive, major features which make it suitable for the most diverse operating conditions:  

  • advanced electronics  
  • automatic opening time auto set-up 
  • transit opening auto set-up
  • built-in safety sensors
  • MP1 electronic PCB
  • quiet operation
  • self supporting facility on all models (excluding Ditec  Valor L and P)  
  • equipped with a wide range of accessories
  • operating unit
  • on-board or remote control
  • dedicated frames.

Emergency-Exit Systems: when every second counts

Ditec Valor provides reliable opening and closing also along escape routes: two types of solution are available: anti-panic breakout systems and redundant systems. The anti-panic breakout door has all the same features as a standard automatic door. However, in case of an emergency, the users can manually open the wings of the door and, where applicable, also the semi-fixed side wings in the same direction as flight: with this system the wings open like a swing door guaranteeing generous passing space, almost equal to the width of the entire door.

The second type of system uses the principle of redundancy of the electrical and electromechanical components performing periodic checks of the operation of the complete system.

TÜV Certified Anti-Panic Features for Escape Routes

The operating unit and all accessories have been designed to guarantee that the door opens in the event of:

  • emergency
  • loss of power
  • partial or complete system breakdown or malfunction.

Ditec Valor accessories are easy to choose:

VALLOK: wing stop device complete with brackets, without LOKSBM. See the manual

VALLOKA: antipanic system complete with brackets, without LOKSBM. See the manual
VALLOKB: two position block system complete with brackets, without LOKSBM. See the manual
LOKSBM: manual release handle. See the manual
VALSB: built-in manual release handle
VALFC: mechanical limit switch indicator micro kit. See the manual
VALFM: magnetic limit switch indicator micro kit. See the manual
VALSUP: support to keep the cover open. See the manual

VALABC: antipanic system with back-up battery

VALABE: antipanic system with emergency battery

See the manual

PASAT3I: detection safety sensor built in the cover. See the manual

RP2: pair of reinforced wheels for roller (only VALOR N)

MP1: plus Module PCB. See the manual
MD1: display module. See the manual
VALST: transformer support kit for left side positioning
KEMC2: ferrite pair kit. See the manual


For other generic accessories please consult the dedicated section.



Sensors and detection devices


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