Ditec Valor T

Ditec Valor T
Ditec Valor T
Ditec Valor T
Ditec Valor T

This is an operating device for telescopic sliding doors with operating speed of up to 1.6 m/s (4 wings) and weight of up to 260 kg (4 wings).
It is extremely reliable (tested up to 3 million cycles) and safe (TÜV approved).

It can be adapted to specific architectural requirements given its compact cover which has a height of just 145 mm.

The technical features of this automation are very interesting indeed:

  • control/drive monobloc system with DC gear motor with encoder, control and monitoring panel with generation micropro-cessor based logic which allows the automation to be remotely adjusted and controlled by means of a display or a computer
  • wing weight loading on the roller centreline which, specially in this telescopic version, increases the sturdiness of the wing/roller combination and reduces oscillations
  • second wing driving system easy to assemble and to adjust  
  • vibration proof guide. The rollers move along a guide fitted with a vibration proof gasket, which ensures the quiet operation of the rollers 
  • 3 types of door stop available: standard, antipanic and two position
  • safety sensors, if provided, are built in the cover  
  • steel heads   
  • display supplied as optional, to be wall mounted.

Ditec Valor T accessories are easy to choose:

SPVALLOK: wing stop device complete with brackets

SPVALLOKA: antipanic system complete with brackets
SPVALLOKB: two position block system complete with brackets
LOKSBM: manual release device
SPVALFC: mechanical limit switch indicator micro kit
SPVALFM: magnetic limit switch indicator micro kit
VALSUP: support to keep the cover open
SPVALABC: antipanic system with back-up battery
SPVALABE: antipanic system with emergency battery
SPPASAT3I: detection safety sensor built in the cover
SPMP1: plus Module PCB fitted to automation


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