Ditec PAM AC
Ditec PAM AC
Ditec PAM AC

The PAMAC series is a streamline system making it possible to create impressive entrances with more light by reducing the frame surrounds. The system has been specifically designed for telescopic automatic sliding doors with 1 wing, 2 wings or telescopic, even with fanlights.

Distinctive features of the system

PAMAC, designed to be compatible with current and future automations, consists of a set of reduced size, sturdy mechanical components.Able to hold up to 12 mm thick glass, it is supplied in the mill finish or anodised aluminium (EURAS C0) version, in pre-set lengths, as shown in the following tables.

Aesthetically pleasing

This is a very aesthetically valuable product, consisting of well matched and smooth looking components, which allows a wider glazing surface to be achieved, for better visibility.


PAMAC is supplied with all the required manuals to make up the door frames, i.e.: system configuration charts, reference code lists, component sections and types with cutting lists; processing, drilling and assembly tables.


PAMAC cannot be used with anti-panic breakout systems.

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