Ditec ALU48

Ditec ALU48
Ditec ALU48
Ditec ALU48
Ditec ALU48
Ditec ALU48
Ditec ALU48
Ditec ALU48

The ALU48 series is an aluminium profile system specifically designed to make up frames with very quick and simplified machining, installing and commissioning operations.

The system is dedicated to 1 wing, 2 wings or telescopic automatic sliding doors, including those with fanlight and fixed walls, in the standard version and in the wing breakout anti-panic or full breakout versions.

Distinctive features of the system

ALU48, designed to be compatible with current and future automation systems, includes a range of 48-mm-thick profiles, equipped with large vertical profiles, with sturdy visible sections, for all Standard, Telescopic, Transom and Wall types. Prepared to house various types of locks for closing the mobile wings.

The system can accommodate all types of glass, from 8-40 mm thicknesses, without protruding frames. It comes in mill finish or anodised (EURAS C0) aluminium bars. As an alternative, it has an adjustable floor guide track that is suitable for both 1- or 2-wing sliding and telescopic entrances.


The benefits ensured are listed below:  

  • the fixed components can be installed with self-compensating profile for the surround; 
  • easier offset of any installation errors;
  • the fixed panels are fully independent; 
  • identical assembly screws are used, ensuring a faster operation;  
  • simpler machining operations as the wings and fixed panels can be cut at 90°; 
  • the bottom and top crosspieces can be aligned; 
  • the wings are centrally closed with a double stop, double slot-in seal;  
  • the profiles are smooth, without grooving;  
  • better seal with special brushes.

For ALU48 series profiles, three anti-panic wing opening systems are available: SBO, RBO and TBO. The SBO device is a breakout system for inwards sliding wings only; the RBO device for outwards sliding wings only, whilst the TBO device is a full breakout system for both wings and fixed panels.

This device also makes the door suitable as a FIRE EXIT door (TÜV certified). The breakout anti-panic opening system is 48 mm thick, it features steel wings rotation and fixed panels release/retainer pivots, anodised aluminium floor guide, nylon runner and hidden fixed panels rotation hinges.


ALU48 has all the technical documentation necessary for the frame such as: system composition tables, distinct reference codes, sections and types, production, perforation, assembly and installation tables. The system is supported by specific software for the development of all the picking lists for materials and cutting of the profiles.

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