Digital combination keypad

Entrematic LAN4
Entrematic LAN4
Entrematic XEL5

A key and digital keypad combination protects the controller and guarantees reserved access

Entrematic LAN4

Digital combination command system with anti-vandalism keypad which, by keying in a 4 to 8 numeric code, activates the command.

It is supplied complete with keypad signal decoder card and has 2 N/O contacts to control two systems.

The card can be inserted directly into the electronic panel of the operating device or connected to it through the card holder base and makes it possible to connect a maximum of two keypads.

In case of attempted tampering, after 25 incorrect codes have been keyed in, within 120 seconds, the keypad locks and for 120 seconds no longer recognises any code. After this period of time, the keypad returns to waiting status and acceptance of the code.

The LAN4 digital keypad can be installed both directly on the wall (outside assembly) and by using the special vertical mountings, made with silver anodised extruded aluminium profiles.

Entrematic XEL5N

Sturdy selector with anti-vandalism key and "hold to run" operation for outside assembly.

The double micro-switch located inside the selector makes it possible to active two functions of the operating device to which it is connected at the same time.

CONT1: card-holding base with box for inside/outside fitting designed to hold. 1 LAN4S card or other peripherals

- XELCA: high anodised aluminium vertical mounting for LAN4T and XEL5 - h: 1000 mm

- XELBS: base for XELCA/CB/2C vertical mountings

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