Universal receiver


ZENXR2 is a powerful two-channel universal 433.92 MHz receiver conveniently pre-cabled to speed-up installation time.
It can be used on virtually all the motors found in the f eld, even not Ditec branded; customers can therefore benefit from all the advantages of the ZEN remote control product range in terms of safety and security.
This two-channel 12-24 V AC/DC receiver is pre-cabled and is placed into a sturdy plastic container that can be f xed to a wall or placed inside other devices. It is also supplied with a removable BIXMR2 memory module which can store up to 200 transmitters.
The receiver features 2 relay contacts (1A / 30V N.O.) and a wire antenna (173 mm long) ensuring a high sensitivity; alternatively, it can be connected to an external antenna (GOL148REA).
ZENXR2 works with the Ditec Entrematic Dip Switch, Fixed code, Rolling code, AES 128-bit Encrypted and PROTECTED mode protocols and can also be used with the ZENPAD/ZEN MANAGER transmitter management system.

ZENXR2 specifications

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