NEW key-operated selector switches

Entrematic AXK5
Entrematic AXK5
Entrematic AXK5N
Entrematic Key operated selector switches modular solution

Key-operated selector switch on wall (Entrematic AXK5M) and semi-recessed (Entrematic AXK5I) with European cylinder.

  • Burglar-proof with metal body
  • Microswitches electrical contacts are protected by a metal container
  • The semi-recessed version is compatible with standard ø 57 mm boxes

Selector switches without cylinder on wall (Entrematic AXK5NM) and semi-recessed (Entrematic AXK5NI).

  • Burglar-proof with metal body
  • Useful if you already have the cylinder with the necessary mapping
  • Compatible with half cylinder type EURO (DIN) 30/10

AXK5I and AXK5NI semi-recessed selectors can also be mounted on die-cast aluminum vertical mounting of height h=1000 mm (AXC100).

This accessory aesthetically match other system accessories (AXP2 photocells, AXR7 transponder technology control device with proximity control, etc.) guaranteeing a well-coordinated design.

Technical specifications

See Entrematic Accessories data sheet


- AXC100: vertical mounting for outdoors in die-cast aluminium, height 1000 mm

- AXCBS: steel base for fixing on the ground

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