Entrematic SVA

Entrematic SVA
Entrematic SVA

Secure Virtual Access (SVA) is the new system to easily manage an access via Bluetooth. SVA enables credentials that give users permanent or occasional access, according to configurable time bands and modifiable at any time.
The system includes:

  • a plug-in card (ref. MOBCRE) compatible with the accessory slot of the Entrematic control panels
  • an app for smartphones
  • an access credential system (ref. MOBOK and MOBGK5)..

Easy to use

ADMINISTRATOR : defined by the installer after activation of the card. Manages the credentials and the Bluetooth (MOBCRE) units: defines the owners, enables/disables Bluetooth units, enables owners to invite guests, receives notifications when an owner invites guests
OWNER : controls the automation via Bluetooth smartphone with no limits. The owner credential has no expiry
GUEST : invited by the owner to use the system, may have access limitations. The guest key package is valid for one year


Simple to install and configure

  • Install the electronic card (MOBCRE) in the accessory slot of the Entrematic control panels or in the card-holding base CONT1
  • Download the SCLAK App from the Apple or Google stores
  • Follow the instructions in the App: activate the card and appoint an administrator / owner of the installation. If more access credentials are necessary, Entrematic cards with additional activation codes are available

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