Radio digital combination keypad

Entrematic AXK4
Entrematic AXK4
Entrematic Key operated selector switches modular solution

Radio digital keypad 4-Ch to control the automation using 4 customisable numeric codes. Two power supply options: with 9 V DC battery or through connection to 24 V DC electrical control panel.

  • The signal is transmitted to the control panel using one of the Entrematic radio protocols: fixed code, rolling code, AES-128bit Encrypted, PROTECTED Mode
  • Possibility of configuration using ZEN Pad and SW ZEN Manager
  • 433.92 MHz (AXK4) and 868.35 MHz (AXK4P) versions
  • Back-lit keypad and integrated light for status signals

AXK4 and AXK4P can be mounted on a die-cast aluminium vertical mounting of height h=1000 mm or on a wall.
This accessory aesthetically match other system accessories (AXP2 photocells, AXR7 transponder technology control device with proximity control, etc.) guaranteeing a well-coordinated design.

Technical specifications

See Entrematic Accessories data sheet


- AXC100: vertical mounting for outdoors in die-cast aluminium, height 1000 mm

- AXCBS: steel base for fixing on the ground

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