230 V AC motors

The electronic control panels for one or two 230 V AC motors guarantee complete control over the automation system and simple configuration of all parameters. The panels are fitted with microprocessor logic and have 24 V DC internal control circuits

Complete range

The range of 230 V AC panels includes four different models, to ensure the best answer to the needs of any installation. Various versions are available with integrated radio decoders and receivers controlled separately (open, close, part-open and stop), with electronic adjustment or by varying the transformer voltage.

All panels allow time setting, timer-controlled automatic closing, inching control, hold-to-run control and emergency stop and reverse.

They are compatible with industrial sliding gate motors (Ditec Cross series), motors for swing gates (Ditec Luxo 230 V AC and Ditec Cubic 230 V AC) and actuators for industrial sectional overhead doors (Ditec Dod series).

Safety first!

All 230 V AC panels are fitted with ODS systems, making it possible to configure stoppage of the operating device or reversal of movement, if an obstacle is detected during movement.

Accessories are fed by 24 V DC, ensuring safety during wiring operations.

The more sophisticated panels also feature a safety test, in other words continuous monitoring of safety devices to ensure constant checking of the system.

Reliable and long lasting

All panels feature an IP55 protection rating: the electronic boards and transformers are protected inside a plastic box, which can be opened simply by removing four closing screws.

The more sophisticated versions are fitted with a No Ice Option (NIO) feature: an integrated temperature sensor enables the panel to adjust the performance of the motor in freezing, icy or snowy conditions.

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