Ditec DAB105 - Smart automation to make your life easier

Automatic pedestrian swing doors - DAB105

Ditec DAB105 ensures access without barriers and ease of operation

Powerful and compact operator capable of satisfying the needs of high traffic doors, and also special requirements for emergency exits and fire doors, in complete compliance with most of European regulations.

Convenient & flexible
Modern buildings require applications that are flexible and adaptable to any need: Ditec DAB105 meets these requirements. The upgrade cards offer additional features and advanced functions, which allow to customise the automation.

Safe & reliable
Safe and convenient access without barriers, in compliance with the strict requirements of public sector, also thanks to its Low Energy mode. In addition, Ditec DAB105 can be activated through buttons, sensors or the PUSH&GO function.

Technical features


  • High performance with up to 200 kg door weight and mechanic servo-assisted operator, encoder controlled
  • Reliable operator: strong components and real time self monitoring of the operator status
  • Safety guaranteed by technological features, SOS alert system when opening, motion detection safety signal
  • Very low noise level
  • Many additional advanced features make Ditec DAB105 a best in class product 

Convenient & flexible

  • Easy to install, to set, and to maintain: available PUSH or PULL configurations
  • Easy program selection to expand functions (with a card) if necessary
  • One operator matches specific installation requirements (double leaf doors, installations in presence of wind, key controlled access)
  • Easy to order: 1 item alone includes operator + cover (just add arm)

Safe & reliable

  • Several operating modes to match different demands (PUSH&GO, power assist, key impulse)
  • Low Energy mode and battery kit available
  • Convenient operator control via sensors, switch, program and key selectors
  • Fire tested version (SP SITAC tested)

Target applications
Hospitals, hospices, nursing homes
Banks, offices
Shops, hotels and restaurants.