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Ditec Entrematic ZEN (NEW) - The intelligent remote control

Accessories - Entrematic ZEN (NEW)

Full range: ZEN is the transmitter suitable for every need, with a wide selection of models and colors.

It ensures maximum protection against undesired access thanks to the use of AES 128-bit security protocol (available on selected models), a technology derived from the banking sector.

Guaranteed compatibility with existing Ditec Entrematic receivers and installations.

And with the ZEN PAD programming unit you can:

- Create a database of your installations and manage receiver’s memory modules

- Configure multi-protocol remote controls

- create remote controls at your premises, already programmed and ready to use on a given installation... no need to travel!

- Protect your installed base with customizable installation keys (Protected Mode)

Technical features

- Radio transmitters with 2 channels or 4 channels

- Different colors: Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

- Versions with 433.92 MHz or 868.35 MHz frequency

- Rolling code with over 4 billion combinations

- Fixed code versions compatible with MM53200 protocol and other remote controls with dip switches