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10/04/2012 | Automatic doors and gates (and just for pleasure)

P.& B. Elettrica in Rovereto – DITEC Expert for over 20 years

How many times have you asked a child what they want to be when they grow up without getting an exact answer?

This would never have happened with Mirco Berloffa, current DITEC Expert in Rovereto: he knew what he wanted to be when he was at nursery school.
He's not sure whether it was due to the engine on an electric train that didn’t work properly, or his inborn curiosity, or his determination (that was clear even from an early age), or just a natural disposition.
Mirco likes to think it was his desire to see his toy working perfectly that led him to study to be an expert technician. And so, cultivating a childhood passion, he found himself dealing with electromechanics from the moment he started work.
It is 1980: another time. Italy is enjoying rapid growth and an enthusiastic youngster, straight from school, immediately finds a job.
Three days after leaving school, at just 19, Mirco could choose to work for one of three different companies in Rovereto.
He picked a company that produced industrial machinery for producing bread and that would send him abroad to work. He made his mind up on Friday. On Monday, he headed abroad.
Europe, Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, all became familiar places during the eight years abroad when Mirco acquired priceless experience: people, cities, traditions, cultures and differing cuisines fused together in his memory, expanding his knowledge of the world and human nature. The most important thing, however, was his professional growth. When you are abroad, far from head office, anything can happen. You always need to be ready to face difficulties that work and life can through at you and to overcome them, both psychologically and technically.
Problems… need to be sorted out immediately! This is not only a professional approach but for some people it is a modus vivendi that seems to be part of their DNA; even today Mirco applies it to his work in Italy on a daily basis.
After eight long, intense years with his suitcase always at the ready, the desire to stay at home started to take hold. Mirco was still young and had no commitments and was ready to take a chance; he set up a company with a partner and threw himself fully into this new task. There were commissions and he worked seven days a week installing and maintaining electrical panels and industrial automations. Technology opened new doors: Mirco found himself working on the construction of the first snow machines in his area.

Experience, passion and plenty of self-sacrifice were needed to deal with a new request from the market: the automation of gates and garage doors. And so Mirco fitted this new sector alongside his regular work.
He sought collaboration with a leading brand and in 1995 met DITEC: a fine coincidence for three good reasons:
- he could become the specialist in automatic entrances in his area
- he was guaranteed continuous assistance over the phone from expert personnel
- the top quality products were distributed solely to DITEC retailers.

DITEC has expanded considerably since 1995 and so has Mirco's business. He has been able to offer and distribute new products like automatic doors and sectional garage doors.

Domotics, alarm systems, industrial automations and civil plant engineering are still the cornerstone of his business but the DITEC work now represents more than 30% of turnover.
The P. & B. company is now a well-known, important business in the area. With experience and long sightedness Mirco created a team of people, some of whom have been with him for over twenty years: an exceptional feat considering the high turnover in companies in this sector.
All this indicates a healthy, stimulating work environment that acts as a benchmark for continuous professionalism: undisputable characteristics that his people are very familiar with. But so too are his clients who appreciate his habit of handing over not only the certifications, manuals and plant maintenance booklets but also the complete electrical schematics at the end of a job. This is undoubtedly an indication of a top quality guarantee and the utmost respect for the client.

It is people like Mirco and those on his team who work honestly and professionally on a daily basis who bring prestige to the DITEC name. We thank him and his DITEC Expert colleagues located across the country, who all tell similar versions of this story, based on their commitment and passion.