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15/03/2012 | DITEC rapid doors in the chocolate factory, Cremonese-style

Or: Walcor, entrepreneurial initiative and DITEC rapid doors 

Pozzaglio, province of Cremona: fertile Lombardy landscape which alerts you to the perfumes and sensations of Emilia-Parma just the other side of the large river - an atmosphere lost in the fog of winter and shimmering with heat in summer, barns that rise alone in the fields to remind us that we are still in Lombardy, the region with the most advanced economy in Italy....or at least that is what we would like it to go back to being, finally overcoming the crisis which has left profound marks here as well.

As significant as the presence of the metalworking and oil industry is, as famous as the lute production is specialized in string instruments valued all over the world.
Stradivari, Guarnieri and Amati all came from here - the local economic system is still tied to the earth, even more than one would imagine in a Lombardy context: and to the many agricultural companies must be added those of food processing like cold cuts, cheeses and sweets: we are in the region that produces the pickled candied fruit with mustard, a colourful and spicy accompaniment to sumptuous meals of boiled meats, and even more of nougat, one of the gastronomic symbols of the city.

And chocolate? We are not in Switzerland, but the Cremona region has carved out for itself a rather important role. This is thanks to a successful entrepreneur, Walter Corsanini, owner of a handcrafted bakery in the centre of Cremona specialized in the production of the classic "graffioni", pralines of pure extra dark chocolate filled with pitted Vignola and maraschino cherries. Since the 1950s, Corsanini has dedicated himself to also producing chocolate coins, Easter eggs and other hollow items. Wal-Cor: yes, they are the first letters of the name and surname of the founder which gives the company its logo; and if the production of their own brand is now well-known and widespread (Walcor is the leader in the production of chocolate coins), their production for third parties is also quite significant. One of Walcor's greatest assets rests in fact in the flexibility of its production, which allows every private label request to be satisfied. Of course, it seems almost paradoxical that the person who gave his own name to the company now manufactures products in other people's names.... but the rules of entrepreneurship sometimes follow unexpected and almost mocking paths.

How much time has passed from the Cremona workshop of Walter Corsanini....
In the new millennium, the company moved to Pozzaglio e Uniti, an industrial zone near the capital, expanding to 80,000 square metres.
And in the new logistical centre, everything has been designed to combine modernity, efficiency and style.
An example? The rapid roll-up doors and the sectional doors, naturally the most advanced and best quality available on the market. There are DITEC sectionals with loading bays, to facilitate the handling operations of the merchandise, and 5 new DITEC Sector Reset rapid roll-up doors, the industrial rapid roll-up entrances ideal for heavy use, equipped with automatic self-repair system.
If, by chance, the curtain slips out of the tracks (perhaps accidentally being bumped by a forklift which is a frequent risk especially in logistical centres where merchandise is moved inside very rapidly), all you have to do is to quickly re-open and close it to reset the curtain. A rational choice, therefore, but not only; Sector doors are beautiful to see: and for those creating a new corporate centre, the aesthetic aspect has its place, especially if combined with the quality of the materials and the absolute reliability of the drive units.
If there is a paradise for bakers, Walter Corsanini will be there enjoying the work carried out by his two grandsons, Carlo and Aldo Santini, who still run the family business today.