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…until they close behind you automatically, of course: at the bar for Ducatisti, DITEC Valor doors show the way.

What does it take to turn a public bar into a cult hang-out that the beautiful people just can’t keep away from?
A great location, first of all. Well here we are in central Rome, just around the corner from the archaeological site at Largo di Torre Argentina; it’s a magical setting, where centuries of history and art come together in a mix of indescribable cool. You wouldn’t be surprised to see a young Audrey Hepburn walk in, such is the “Roman Holiday” atmosphere of the place.
Gregory Peck wouldn’t have whisked his princess here on a scooter this time, of course, as the two-wheeled transport of choice in our case is the infinitely sportier red Ducati. Which brings us to the second requirement: a legendary vibe, something this place has in spades. We are at the Ducati Caffè, after all, and Ducati is more than just a brand. For motorsport fans, red stands for fire and passion, but also for Ferrari and Ducati – for speed. It is the colour of commitment and derring-do, of Italian racing adrenaline and competition. Of victory. The fans have made a beeline here, to see the display bikes and the Ducati accessories and clothing.
Italianness is inextricably bound up with style; the 300 square-metre, two-level open space accommodating the concept restaurant and lounge bar, with its light effects and LCD screens showing track races and the latest Italian fashion and style, is a textbook example of the height of contemporary glamour and sophisticated high-tech minimalism.
And as the popular imagination also equates Italianness with great food, Ducati Caffè is fittingly ready to tempt us with its gourmet delicacies. From breakfast through lunch to aperitifs, dinner and beyond, discerning Romans can enjoy the full made-in-Italy flavour in a celebration of the best quality ingredients, traditional regional recipes, creative Italian brio and sheer great taste.
As you can imagine, “see you at the Ducati” has quickly become a familiar phrase among those with an eye for an elegant and tasteful watering hole.
And what about the two DITEC Valor pedestrian doors? Well, we can’t claim that people come just for them, but they still fit oh-so-smoothly into an environment that simply oozes Italian excellence. Call it the icing on the cake, if you like. For these are highly advanced automatic entrances, featuring crisp design and safe, silent operation, which are ideally suited to this kind of constant, intensive use. The buzzing Ducati Caffè, open from 8 in the morning until 2 at night, could not have made a better choice.