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04/04/2011 | DITEC automatic gates - top quality really stands out (automatically)

There are areas where automation has as many ardent supporters as it has detractors: take cars, for example. Those who have converted to an automatic gear change find they can’t do without it, while for manual fans gearless driving is a bore.
In contrast, there are other fields where the spread of automation is universally welcomed as a form of progress, a development that makes things simpler and enhances quality of life. If this is how automatic gates are doubtless seen, some of the credit must be given to DITEC.

Automatic gates have always been among our flagship products: our comprehensive range includes huge industrial gates together with sliding and hinged models – some with underground automation systems with no visible parts, so as not to compromise the gate's aesthetic appearance for stylish and high-profile entrances, often in historic settings. From residential buildings to major manufacturing plants, DITEC has an excellent solution for entrances of all kinds. And we have done this without fragmenting our range into a plethora of different models, which would have been uneconomic to manage and to stock. Instead, by carefully rationalising our production, we have been able to maintain a relatively compact catalogue of a graded series of models that cover the full range of market requirements, with an eye not only for completeness but also optimisation and the cost savings this brings.

The success of an industrial product can often be attributed to a carefully conceived blend of features, with some having particular prominence. DITEC automatic gates are no exception: although they have superior toughness, style and functionality – as they should, being market-leading products – their two pièce-de-résistance features are surely the advanced functions offered by the new electronic control panels and the focus on energy efficiency.

The drive to combine increasingly advanced efficiency with highly-developed multiple performance features is ingrained in our company psyche: the name DITEC, after all, is a contraction of DIffusione TECnologie (“spreading technology”), which is our mission in a nutshell. Maintaining our leading position is a source of pride for us, as our new-generation electronic control panels go to show. These offer a wide range of functions, from courtesy lights to speed and deceleration control, from force adjustment to obstacle detection, manoeuvre times, the various types of opening and closure, and safety tests to maintain safety standards (for models with autocontrol).

Our focus on energy saving is part of the same equation: as the market takes a greater interest in operational efficiency, we respond with new-generation 24V automations, which offer high performance whilst minimising energy consumption both during use and in stand-by mode, when the photocells and radar remain on. But that would be to oversimplify; the decision to use low-voltage control panels, with considerably lower power usage than the 220 volt models, is born of a deep conviction and a considered corporate commitment to products of sustainable consumption.
It is clear that the energy challenge will be one of the main concerns in the years ahead. All the newspapers are full of stories about instability and conflict in various oil-producing countries, the potential for catastrophe with the nuclear option – as events in Japan sadly show – and renewable energy that is still rather expensive to produce and hard to stockpile...We have no intention, though, of overreaching ourselves in economic policy debates that are not really our field. What we can do, however – and certainly do – is to focus on reducing the consumption of our automated entrance products as a question of responsibility, as our way of contributing to a wider commitment to the environment, which belongs to everyone and must for everyone’s sake be preserved.

After so much technical detail, it would be invidious not to mention the human factor behind the success of DITEC’s automated entrances. A prime example is the DITEC Expert network, which once only covered Italy yet now has a growing foothold in other European countries too. Those who invest in an automatic gate expect the product that they buy to be a high-quality piece of technology. When the end product is combined with the peace of mind that comes from a highly skilled and competent installer providing ongoing customer support and maintenance to update their system for any new regulatory requirements, the integrated product/service package becomes a truly superior offering.
DITEC selects its Experts from the respected professional installers, fitters and automation technicians in their respective areas, gives them exclusive responsibility for its products in that zone and supports them with the consultancy, training, and communication and marketing materials needed to enhance their professional level and reliability. Excellent automatic gates are thus matched by an equally excellent distribution and support service, which all helps to increase the satisfaction of the end customer.