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08/06/2010 | 120 DITEC sectional doors in a large underground garage in Modena

Parking is no easy task these days, even in a relatively quiet city such as Modena.
The need to provide houses and offices with proper parking facilities, even in no new-build areas, whether residential or commercial, is an ever greater necessity.

In response to this need in the beautiful city of Modena, close to the Palazzo Europa, visible from the Via Emilia Est and home to a large number of offices and Modena Conf-cooperatives, a large new car park has been created, both at the street level, for public use, as well as private underground garages on two levels.

120 new garages are fitted with white DITEC automatic sectional doors, the Paris model, featuring pre-painted galvanised steel sheet slats, which ensure a high level of thermal insulation.
The doors are automated with the Globe drive unit, which is compact and safe, equipped with an encoder system designed to handle the travel, speed and deceleration of the drive system as well as to stop instantly if it senses an obstacle. Globe can be fitted easily and quickly and can be used not only for sectional doors as in this case, but also on tilt-up, balancing doors.
Globe guarantees fluid movement even in the case of frequent opening and closing cycles, and its operation is super silent, especially in the version with the toothed belt drive system, which is also invisible since it is inserted along the steel runners.

Two highly attractive DITEC Gold Alu sectional mesh doors, also automated with the Globe motor, have been installed at the entrance and exit of the underground garage of Palazzo Europa.

Paris residential sectional doors enhance the value of any building due to their fine modern styling. All DITEC sectional garage doors are customisable through an extensive range of accessories for command, control and safety.

DITEC was chosen for this project because, after careful consideration, (a) both the products and the materials on offer were found to be the best value for money; (b) DITEC sectional doors and automations are EN certified; and lastly (c) the reliability and speed of installation, even of such a large number of garage doors, by expert, DITEC-specialist installers, had a positive effect on the commercial choice.

Another important reference in the residential construction sector is thus added to the rich portfolio of installations in important sites for which DITEC is confirmed as a reliable partner, capable of meeting the customer’s needs and time frames.