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21/09/2009 | Ditec Automatic Flexible Doors in the New Warehouse of Consorzio Valdadige in Mezzocorona (TN)

In the Rotaliana Plain, which stretches to the west of the course of the river Adige, north of Trento, lies one of the Trentino Alto Adige lands which has the greatest calling for wine production: wine yards and cellars follow one another in a tidy and continuous fashion and the wines produced here have now won an international name. The production of the local wineries, located in the heart of the Brenta Dolomites and ranging from the natives vines Marzemino and Teroldego, to the imported ones, such as Chardonnay, Muller Thurgau, Cabernet, and the excellent Classic Method Trentino DOC, boasts extremely high quality. 

Here is the headquarters of the historic and important Gruppo Mezzacorona, established in 1904, one of the most innovative and dynamic wine growers and producers, not only in the Trentino region but countrywide: a real example of Italian production excellence.
But grapevines are not the only aspect characterising the landscape and agricultural production of the area: an equally important economic resource of this region, and of the area extending beyond the river Adige, are apples, whose plantations extend as far as the eye can see from the plain to the offshoots of the hills. The Trentino Alto Adige territory has always guaranteed optimal conditions for the cultivation of high-quality apples: genuine and crunchy fruits, representing over 60% of apple production in Italy.

The Valdadige Apple Consortium represents the fruit-and-vegetable section of the Gruppo Mezzacorona and, with its 400 hectares of apple orchards, it contributes to the production of the province, with approximately 25,000 tons of apples a year, in various qualities. The consortium comprises over 300 fruit growers who, with passion, professionalism and the employment of modern technologies, devote their life to the cultivation of apples.

Works have been recently completed for the extension and renovation of the Consortium warehouse, which is located right next to the group headquarters, in the town of Mezzocorona.
These works have resulted in a modern building, a healthy environment that makes it possible to carry out the grading, storage and packaging of the fruit in a refrigerated location, to guarantee maximum freshness and quality to consumers.

The warehouse has today 32 lines for the grading of the apples, which allow for the selection of the fruits based on product quality assessment, by taking into account parameters related to colour, size and defects. The overall number of refrigerators, which guarantee the storage, freshness and healthiness of the apples throughout the year, has reached 80. Furthermore, the consortium has today 6 packaging lines, which allow for the employment of packaging in different materials and sizes.
As part of the overall warehouse renovation works, appearance has also plaid a role, through the realisation of an unprecedented architectonic project, providing for broad and elegant spaces, which are nonetheless perfectly integrated in the environmental context and in harmony with the surrounding environment.

If the facilities of the Valdadige Apple Consortium are now complete, this is also thanks to Ditec, which, through its own Ditec Expert Sicur Sistem Elettronica in Trento, has contributed to the installation of eight Sector automatic doors displaying great flexibility, which is what is needed in an area where many demanding merchandise handling operations take place. The Ditec Sector automatic doors display a strong structure, which at the same time offers the advantage of having extremely reduced overall dimensions.
The Sector doors are therefore ideal for areas where fast handling and frequent transits take place, as in the case of the Valdadige warehouse in Mezzocorona.
Safety, convenience, strength, elegance and cleaning ease are the winning features of the Sector doors, which have been installed both in the Consortium apple storehouse and in the fantastic wine production warehouses of the Gruppo Mezzacorona.

Furthermore, about twenty heavy large sliding doors located on the premises of the wineries are provided with the powerful and silent Over automation, which makes it possible to automate very heavy door wings through the provision – where already arranged for – of intelligent safety systems, for both opening and closing, including the “hold-to-run” operation mode, prompt movement inversion, etc.
Ditec’s professionalism, with the customised intervention of its own Ditec Experts for each installation requirement, also manifests in the maintenance and care devoted to all doors installed; in this way, produce is perfectly preserved and can express its high quality level in the best possible way.
Furthermore, inside the exclusive point of sale of the Mezzacorona Wineries, the Rex automatic pedestrian door has been installed to welcome every day the tourists and the fine gourmets who can directly purchase the excellent wine proposals of the Mezzacorona group.