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31/07/2008 | DITEC automatic doors, .... for an unforgettable evening.

Que dire du Lac de Como, sinon plaindre les gens qui n'en sont pas fous ?
(Stendhal, 3 août 1827)

DITEC. Bellagio, lake Como (July 2008)

At the end of the first world war, in the early ’20s, Silvio Ponzini built an inn in a stunning location on the shore of lake Como: two simple rooms and a bathroom, a large fireplace, a bowling area.

Since then, four generations have looked after this charming establishment by the lake.
Today, the owners still welcome the tourists with the same traditional hospitality and consideration inherited from their great-grandfather almost a century before.

The hotel and restaurant is set in a location of rare natural beauty, artistic and cultural value.

The surrounding scenery is stunning and truly romantic, encompassing with a single look the view of the lake and the neoclassical villas.
From the bedrooms balconies and the restaurant veranda, under the American grapes berceau, the view embraces Villa Melzi, with its park and orange groves; the fishermen’ allotments and houses; the old stone harbour with Comballi Giulia and Rosina, large nineteenth century sailing boats used to transport both goods and people; the Romanic Santa Maria di Loppia’s bell tower, Villa Gerli and the Villas of Tremezzina, on the opposite shore of the lake.
From 4 generations, the “Silvio” restaurant has served fish by lake Como offering a simple yet refined and traditional cuisine. The owners, who are professional fishermen on lake Como, ensure the freshness of the fish they offer.

Inside the establishment, now fully modernised, guests can also admire 3 smart doors boasting imposing glass wings, automatically operated by Ditec Bis automations.
The entrance to the restaurant and to the veranda goes through smart glass and quiet operation of Ditec Bis automations.

The installation was carried out by Wolf Claudio, an expert in Ditec automatic entrances, in co-operation with the Ditec Distribuzione branch which, to meet the owner’s requirements, have customised the automation with special details such as the automation casing, featuring the same finish and colour as the walls, in order to make it unobtrusive and smartly integrate it to the style of the establishment.

By matching the colour of the wall and offering a very quiet automation, Ditec have proved to be able to discreetly install their automations and add a touch of elegance to the place they are installed in when installed by a professional Ditec automations expert.

A stunning view and Ditec automatic door technology.
A perfect combination for a romantic evening by lake Como.